Seasec is leading service Provider of Full Fledge IAM solutions. Our talent pool is not restricted to single technology.

We work with various IAM vendors such as Oracle, CA , Sailpoint, RSA to deliver solution to customer in accordance with their needs. Understanding that needs of every another Security solution are very specific, we listen well to business demand. It plays a key role in delivering full fledge IAM solution.

Seasec is not just limited to integrate IAM with customer applications but aims to transform customer processes. It helps making the process transparent, fast, efficient and cost-effective.

Rather than being confined to single solution model, we facilitate customer to choose different solutions modeals Such as

Customized Solutions

These are customer-centric solutions as keeping the customer’s needs in mind benefits your business’s customer base, reputation, operational costs and efficiencies.

Ready to use solutions

Based on our experience with various IAM implementations , we developed a pre-packaged IAM solution covering all standard use cases. Its all Pros Zero Cons Solution. As it provide quick ready to use solution but also facilitates the customer to have specific customizations

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done on top of standard solution.